All Natural Extracts for the Brain and Body

Whenever you are looking for a way to overcome a certain ailment or even improve your performance, it is a good idea to look into different natural extracts instead of the typical pharmaceutical options. Many people who are using natural extracts find that it is a lot safer and in many cases, it actually works a lot better.

Most of the western medicine uses pharmaceutical companies and drugs in order to help solve certain problems. While this is great, there are a lot of things missing from this focus. For one thing, nature provides us with a bounty that we can utilize to our advantage no matter what the case is.

When it comes to losing fat and getting a more optimal brain performance, it is a good idea to look into different extracts and compounds. This article is going to show you exactly which ones you should look in to for the best results.

#1. Green tea extract – have you ever heard of the health benefits of green tea? This is a plant native to many parts of Asia and it is one of the first cognitive enhancing opportunities that existed. Green tea is one of the best opportunities for you to improve your antioxidant potential, get rid of free radicals, and at the same time help to improve your brain power.

#2. Garcinia cambogia extract – even though many people have marketed the garcinia cambogia product in different ways, the reality is, this extract works. You can find many facts about garcinia cambogia extract that you might have never expected, but it is one of the most powerful drugs that you can find. It is going to help you to go a long way.

#3. Rhodioa rosea extract – used by the Scandinavian people (also known as Vikings!), this is a powerful herb used for improved resilience and stress. It is an anti-fatigue adaptogenic herb, which provides a host of advantages for people who are trying to get through an average work day. If you find that you are trying desperately to a promotion or achieve something in your work life, this is a good idea.

Your Extract Stack

Just make sure no matter what you are taking, it doesn’t become too much for your system. Even though these are natural options, your body can react in different ways. Just make sure you keep an eye on how you react to avoid any long term damage.

Microdosing Psychedelics the Right Way

There are many people who have lauded the improvements in cognitive sciences that we have made over the past few years and many of these people are trying to successfully create situations where they can enhance their cognitive abilities. Psychedelic drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms can have a profound impact on health and particularly how the brain develops and interacts with itself.

If you are interested in the now popular act of microdosing psychedelics like LSD, you can take a lesson out of our book and utilize these methods to get the best results. Make sure that you do so in a safe setting and preferably with some kind of controlled laboratory testing. We do not advocate you do anything illegal, of course!

Whenever you are taking any kind of new drug, it is important to get a baseline. One thing that you can do to get a baseline is just track your cognitive performance over time and then get results that way. Another thing that you can do is to make sure that you have other nootropic drugs that work well.

One great nootropic is called bacopa monnieri and it improves cognitive abilities and enhances general memory and reduces anxiety. Anyone who is interested in the benefits of bacopa monnieri can find a host of advantages from these types of acts.

When you are trying to enhance the quality of your cognitive experience, sometimes it is a good idea for you to make sure that you are getting the right results via these channels. Bacopa is great but when you use LSD make sure you have nothing else in your system. A lot of people who microdose psychedelics do not realize what they are doing and often end up with some kind of negative situation that they probably could have avoided.

Now you have a basic understanding and can prevent yourself from having any negative side effects in the future.

Who Can I Trust to Sell Good Smart Drugs?

College students around the world are looking to get an advantage in the classroom and the only place they can find is their friend who has an Adderall prescription. Given that this is a drug made from amphetamines, it is not a highly reputable or sustainable drug to use in the long-term. If you are trying to utilize Adderall to enhance your cognitive performance, you’ll be able to do so with the right methods.

This article is all about how you can find vendors that are selling good quality smart drugs that help you to replace things like Adderall, but still give you a huge benefit. Here are a few of the greatest tips that we can offer you.

  1. Nootropics Depot – this is a great quality vendor that has been reincarnated by one of the more well-known people in the nootropics industry. Any Nootropics Depot review online will tell you that there are few bad things anyone can say about them. They have started to produce really high quality products at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Pure Nootropics – another great vendor to go with is Pure Nootropics. They have a variety of different products and even though they are not carrying things like the nootropic tianeptine sulfate, it is still possible to find great quality, third party verified and tested products on their site.

From these two vendors, you should be able to find anything except for modafinil. This is a nootropic drug that is often not found from vendors because it is a scheduled prescription drug and people have to buy it from overseas. If you don’t want to go the overseas route, you do not need to.

These vendors can actually help you through products like adrafinil, which are useful for helping to get modafinil in your liver and make a difference through this type of thing.

Medical Doctors Have a Few Things to Say About Noopept

In the United States, the medical establishment is a bit outdated in some ways. From one perspective they are on the forefront of technology improving the lives of many. However, from another perspective they are very behind. For example, there are plenty of people in the field who know certain drugs and products might be helpful, but they will not recommend them because of liability and issues regarding prescriptions.

The medical establishment in the USA is difficult because every student comes through similar curriculum and is not to think far outside the box. There are exceptions to this rule, but it is definitely more of an exception than the rule.

When it comes to nootropic drugs that improve brain health , it is no wonder there are so many people with things to say. For many, it has made big improvements and continues to have a positive effect. For others it is not the kind of thing that they want to do. Here are a few drugs (including noopept) that the medical establishment is faltering on.

  1. Piracetam – this is a nootropic drug that many people overlook completely, but it was discovered in the 1960s and is still used in Russia and other countries to treat senile dementia and early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Modafinil – this is a nootropic that is only used for narcolepsy, but it could also be a great ADHD option that isn’t filled with amphetamines! Most of the products that people take to handle ADD or similar diseases are a major cause for concern. Keep this in mind so that you have a much healthier relationship with the drug!
  3. Noopept – as we have said, this is 1000 times stronger than piracetam and it is an effective nootropic. Because noopept is 1000 times stronger than piracetam, it is something that you can utilize for improved memory formation, but also concentration and focus.

The medical establishment doesn’t even look at noopept for some reason and it would benefit them to focus on doing that more often! It is both powerful and considered safe and has a lot of effectiveness in other ways as well.

Top 5 Nootropics of 2016 (you don’t want to miss)

When anyone has a title talking about something that you “dont want to miss”, it is a pretty good bet that you are going to want to be a little bit skeptical. That is human nature and when it comes to nootropic drugs that are prescriptions, such as provigil, it is a good idea for you to consider how you are going to make a big difference that doesn’t leave some lasting problems in the future.

In this article we are going to give you the top 5 nootropics that you should be using and why they are so important to have in your diet. First, watch this video and see what you might think is useful. You’ll probably find that none of these (minus the CILTEP nootropic) is any good.

Now that you have gotten that out of the way, it is a good idea to start:

  1. Piracetam – this is a great quality nootropic that is not too new and has a fair bit of science to back it up. This is going to give you the best results in almost any situation, guaranteed.
  2. Aniracetam – another great nootropic compound from the same family, this is more for concentration and focus. It will help you to get a much better perspective when it comes to improving the quality of your needs and helping you to do what needs to be done to have a good time
  3. Ashwagandha – here is a natural option that you should start with if you feel anxiety. It is used in India as a great nootropic drug to improve your life.
  4. Bacopa monnieri – this is the first thing that you should look for in order to get general cognitive enhancement. It is good feedback for things that you are really useful like this
  5. Modafinil – of course, no list about nootropics would be complete without being able to help you understand what you are doing. The vast majority of people who are doing this sort of thing need to make sure they get help like this situation.

Nootropics for Beginners – How to Get Started 

For anyone who is trying to improve their cognitive abilities, it is a good idea to look into nootropic drugs. You want to improve your brain health and get ahead of your competition, which means that you need some support in this competitive world. Nootropics are a general category of smart drugs that help to improve focus, memory, learning abilities, and other general cognitive functions. In this brief article, we will give you a few options that will help you to get started.

Getting started is as easy as using a product you are probably already very familiar with: coffee. If you are getting coffee in your system, you get caffeine and you can see the difference as a beginner. This is probably one of the first places to start, but if you already have experience with this (as do most), you can actually enhance your coffee. Instead of taking it by itself, try to use some L-theanine with the cup of coffee so you get the best effects.

coffee720After you have modified your coffee to be the nootropic stimulant that you desire, you can now start looking for products that help with other aspects of life. You’ll quickly find that the best way to improve your memory is through a series of drugs called racetams. These racetams are usually memory enhancers with choline sources and starting with aniracetam or piracetam capsules is usually your best bet. From there, you can slowly go towards something like phenylpiracetam which is both stimulatory and helpful for your memory as well.

The racetams and caffeine options are your earliest bets to start off as a beginner, but sometimes you might want to look for natural drugs. The Asian cultures in India and China have been using medicinal herbs for centuries and you can find bacopa monnieri and others that will help you as well.

The Philosophical Benefits of Rice and Beans

Seneca was a Roman philosopher who had some tremendous beliefs about living. He derived many of his thoughts from Greek philosophers and added his own elements and musings to become one of the greatest stoics of all time. If you are trying to improve your diet or eat in a conscious way on a budget, you might find that rice and beans is a great food and it fits within the stoic beliefs of Seneca in a way you might not have expected.

beans_riceWhile you may not have imagined that an article on rice and beans would include philosophy, think again. Eating the most basic of foods was considered by Seneca and other stoics to be one of the most important things that you could do in order to improve your ability to handle hardship and ruin. If you were faced with difficult situations in life, you could relish the fact that you had experienced the worst case scenario (eating rice and beans).

At the end of the day, you’ll find that rice and beans is full of protein and it is full of other nutrients that makes your life a lot more enriched. Even if it seems bland and it is not sustainable in the long term, it is a way of living that you can abide by if that is what is needed. Just make sure that you are able to take a multivitamin if this is the route that you are going!

While we are not advocating you eat only rice and beans or even think that this is a healthy diet, we just want to impart some wisdom from the ancient philosophers about eating the same, bland food over and over again. While it might not seem like the nicest or most enjoyable thing, it will certainly make you a stronger and more resilient person.