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Nootropics for Beginners – How to Get Started 

For anyone who is trying to improve their cognitive abilities, it is a good idea to look into nootropic drugs. You want to improve your brain health and get ahead of your competition, which means that you need some support in this competitive world. Nootropics are a general category of smart drugs that help to improve focus, memory, learning abilities, and other general cognitive functions. In this brief article, we will give you a few options that will help you to get started.

Getting started is as easy as using a product you are probably already very familiar with: coffee. If you are getting coffee in your system, you get caffeine and you can see the difference as a beginner. This is probably one of the first places to start, but if you already have experience with this (as do most), you can actually enhance your coffee. Instead of taking it by itself, try to use some L-theanine with the cup of coffee so you get the best effects.

coffee720After you have modified your coffee to be the nootropic stimulant that you desire, you can now start looking for products that help with other aspects of life. You’ll quickly find that the best way to improve your memory is through a series of drugs called racetams. These racetams are usually memory enhancers with choline sources and starting with aniracetam or piracetam capsules is usually your best bet. From there, you can slowly go towards something like phenylpiracetam which is both stimulatory and helpful for your memory as well.

The racetams and caffeine options are your earliest bets to start off as a beginner, but sometimes you might want to look for natural drugs. The Asian cultures in India and China have been using medicinal herbs for centuries and you can find bacopa monnieri and others that will help you as well.


Mary Parker