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The Philosophical Benefits of Rice and Beans

Seneca was a Roman philosopher who had some tremendous beliefs about living. He derived many of his thoughts from Greek philosophers and added his own elements and musings to become one of the greatest stoics of all time. If you are trying to improve your diet or eat in a conscious way on a budget, you might find that rice and beans is a great food and it fits within the stoic beliefs of Seneca in a way you might not have expected.

beans_riceWhile you may not have imagined that an article on rice and beans would include philosophy, think again. Eating the most basic of foods was considered by Seneca and other stoics to be one of the most important things that you could do in order to improve your ability to handle hardship and ruin. If you were faced with difficult situations in life, you could relish the fact that you had experienced the worst case scenario (eating rice and beans).

At the end of the day, you’ll find that rice and beans is full of protein and it is full of other nutrients that makes your life a lot more enriched. Even if it seems bland and it is not sustainable in the long term, it is a way of living that you can abide by if that is what is needed. Just make sure that you are able to take a multivitamin if this is the route that you are going!

While we are not advocating you eat only rice and beans or even think that this is a healthy diet, we just want to impart some wisdom from the ancient philosophers about eating the same, bland food over and over again. While it might not seem like the nicest or most enjoyable thing, it will certainly make you a stronger and more resilient person.


Mary Parker