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School Fundraisers with Inflatables

School Fundraisers with Inflatables

When it comes to school fundraisers, evidence proves that maximizing the role of inflatables is one of the most lucrative techniques for schools to raise reasonable cash. The best way to make inflatables work is through selling tickets or admission bracelets for various students during significant events in the school, such as the carnival or field day. The cash collected from the sale or admission is in turn, used to rent attractions and inflatables that will be used for fun during the event. The best part is that the rest of the cash that remains as soon as rental costs are completed belong to the fundraiser as his or her profit.

How to Determine Inflatables’ CostsThere are three primary ways to analyze and ascertain the cost of inflatable fundraisers. An inflatable castle is a general name used to refer to bouncing and jumping castles, moonwalks and jumpers.

The first way to determine inflatable fundraising is to consult about donations from the associated rental companies. Several firms focus specifically on the rentals of water slides and bounce houses whose core purpose is party rentals, particularly for children. Even though consulting rental organizations is not effective and attracts fewer crowds, free bounce rentals and water slide rentals are bound to come your way.

The second method of determining the cost of inflatable school fundraisers is renting form the rental companies. Here, different inflatable castle companies across the United States offer their respective schools absolute package deals. These packages are customized according to the specification, preferences and ability to cover expenses for each school. For event and party rentals explicitly meant for children, rental companies can increase the discount to retain their customers. Carnival packages that have discounts can equally be used to determine the overall expense of fundraising inflatables.

The final method to determine how much inflatable fundraisers cost is through paying as you play. Paying upfront and utilizing the inflatables immediately is not only convenient but also heightens accountability for both the school and all stakeholders involved. Pay as you play is also referred to as bracelet purchases and selling. However, this strategy may enhance accountability, but its ability to coexist with revenue collections and the company’s share is what makes bracelets sales the most effective measure of determining the cost of inflatables. Still outstanding, all the ticket sales, donations, packages as well as discounts that are associated with inflatable fundraisers help to promote the overall productivity of the school.

There are several inflatables suitable for school fundraising events. Typically, the most convenient are bounce houses because they can accommodate a large crowd. However, you have several alternatives. Here are some excellent ideas that can assist you in choosing the most suitable inflatables for your fundraising event.

• Bounce House Rentals

Bounce house rentals are gigantic inflatables popular in festivals, special events and festivals. They come in a variety of themes. Your choice will partly depend on the theme you select for the fundraising event. A common type of a bounce house is the Rainbow Castle. It encompasses a 15 by 15-foot play area and requires concrete or grass ground for proper set-up. The cost of renting a bounce house ranges from $ 10 to $80, depending on the type and size of equipment.

• Combo Bouncers

Combo bouncers are exceptional choices when you wish to make your fundraising more exciting. Combo bouncers get their name from their structures in that they are a combination of bounce houses and other additional features like basketball hoops and slides. An excellent choice for your fundraising event would be the Mega Rainbow 5 in 1 combo bounce. It consists of four spacious play areas, a slide on the side and a pool area for landing. This bounce house has a combination of beautiful colors that are suitable for both boys and girls. To add, the structure has large netted windows that allow for proper air circulation and monitoring children from outside.

• Water Slide Rentals

Frankly, you can never go wrong with water slide rentals. A water slide is a must-have inflatable, especially during summer. The best part is that water slides are available in several sizes and themes, thus accommodating children of different age groups. With slides ranging from fourteen to thirty-six feet, you can have suitable pay areas for the youngest of kids up to children in their teen years. Alternatively, you can go for dry inflatable slides if you do not plan for a wet event. Dry slides also come in numerous themes and colors to beautify your fundraising event.

Undeniably, a school fundraiser benefits from the incorporation of inflatables in the event. The best idea is to select themes that suit the majority of the school children and other participants that are likely to be present. Fortunately, the list of magnificent inflatables is endless. With proper planning, you can make enough money to pay for the rented inflatables and still save enough for your intended purpose.


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